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Harper's Bazaar is an American monthly women's fashion magazine, first published based in New York City on November 2, 1867, as the weekly Harper's Bazar. Harper's Bazaar is published by New York City-based Hearst and considers itself to be the style resource for "women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture". Aimed at what it calls "discerning ladies", Bazaar is published monthly with the slogan, motto, theme, and tagline its World and American's No. 1 Fashion Magazine.

The Northwesterner, an angry buyer for Amazon US said this after he purchased Harper´s Bazaar magazine on this site in 2019:

"This is not at all what I was expecting. I was expecting at least a few nice articles. It is nothing but pictures of badly dressed scantily clad women. If you are feeling bad about your lack of fashion sense, take a look at these ridiculous mismatched garbs. I can't believe I paid $6 to suffer through a year of this nonsense. I will burn this before any impressionable female thinks this is what women should look like."


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Senior Designer (Current Employee) says

"Would not recommend if you want to work at a place that encourages collaboration, leadership and organization."

Advertising Sales Intern (Former Employee) says

"My experience was dull, I would not return as an intern. I wasnt provided with much work other than organizing magazines on a daily basis. Personally, it wasn't a experience I grew from. Cons: everything"

Senior Market Editor, Market Director (Former Employee) says

"The editors I worked with were so talented that I learned so much and loved every day I was there. The level of creativity with the art department and the photographers collabs with the editors was a game changer in the industry! so many iconic images from that time period."

Judith Jarboe says

"Harper Bazaar took it upon themselves to renew my prescription without my permission"

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